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Cedilla Publishing highly commended at 2016 BMA Medical Book Awards
We are delighted to announce that our GP pain handbook, The 10-minute consultation: persistent pain, was highly commended in the primary health care category at the 2016 BMA Medical Book Awards.

The GP judging panel commented:
"Pain management is an increasingly challenging field in general practice and this [guide] brings together a lot of useful information. It is comprehensive while concise and includes a good range from the best scientific evidence through to holistic approaches. I checked some of the sections and found them to be both accurate and up-to-date. It is a good introduction to the subject."

If you are interested in purchasing copies or translation rights, please contact Sarah Findlay on +44 (0)7794 485294 or email info@cedillapublishing.com.

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GP consultations for flu-like symptoms have continued to soar across the UK in the last week, with numbers now exceeding 'high' levels in Wales.


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