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BMI Calculator Wheel

Silver Award Winner at the IPA Best of Health Awards 2009 in the Consumers/Patients Mixed Media Campaign category as part of the 'Lose Weight, Feel Great' campaign by Ashton, Leigh and Wigan Primary Care Trust.
IPA Best of Health Awards 2009
The new BMI wheels from Cedilla Publishing are an important part of our quality assurance because the accuracy from the size and colour coding allows the volunteers to know that they are giving reliable information to clients about how their weight management is progressing. This is one time when we don't mind super-sizing!
Salford Heart Care Support Group


We have developed a simple and easy-to-use health-promotion tool that is proving itself in everyday use to help people identify their weight-control issues, create an individualized plan for weight reduction and monitor progress with their weight-loss regimen. Our BMI Calculator Wheel is useful as both a screening/counseling aid for clinicians to engage patients in looking after their health and a patient-friendly aid to long-term weight control with a healthy eating plan or OTC weight-loss products.

People can be reluctant to use public BMI machines/weighing scales because of the cost, lack of privacy and need to remember their smart card for tracking progress. Our BMI Calculator Wheel overcomes these problems and is currently used by several organisations as a key element of their training sessions on total cardiovascular risk, obesity and weight-management issues for community-based healthcare workers.

The calculator wheels can be customized to include a sponsorship message and artwork/logo of your choice and we also produce translated versions to aid communication with patients whose first language is not English (e.g. Asian or South American communities who are at greater cardiovascular risk).

The BMI Calculator Wheel can be used in adults (men and women) between 1.38 m (4'6.5") and 1.98 m (6'6") in height and between 36 kg (5 st 09 lb) and 150 kg (23 st 08 lb) in weight. Both metric and imperial units are included.

Note: we have a specially designed wheel for calculating BMI in children in association with percentile growth charts.


  • Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Colour: 4-colour
  • Sides: 2
  • Size: 180 mm (7 inches) diameter


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