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Pocket-size BMI Calculator Wheel

The Health Facilitation team find the BMI Calculator Wheels very helpful when we are doing full health assessments on our service users within the community. We can calculate their BMIs on the spot with the aid of these, and they are very accurate. So pleased I found them!
Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust
We have found these BMI wheels extremely simple and straightforward to use. Their real advantage over other similar products is the colour-coded BMI range, which sends a clear message to the user that having a high BMI is not good and that making the even small changes needed to achieve a different colour band can be beneficial.
Medical Research Council / University of Glasgow


The BMI scale is colour-coded into zones indicating 'Underweight', 'Desirable Weight', 'Overweight', 'Obesity Class I', 'Obesity Class II' and 'Obesity Class III' and the practical size helps individuals keep track of their daily progress with achieving their target weight or BMI.

There is space on the front and back of the wheel to include additional health-promotion information or a customized message.

Note: we have a specially designed wheel for calculating BMI in children in association with percentile growth charts.


  • Languages: Bulgarian, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Colour: 4-colour
  • Sides: 1
  • Size: 95 mm (3.5 inches) diameter


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